Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UP Diliman: Food Haven

Fruits in Ice Cream UP Diliman

No, this isn't back to school. I was always on the lookout for an extraordinary food walk so I dragged along my travel buddies to UP Diliman.

First stop, Rodic's Diner. Located at the Shopping Center, this institution in UP is known for serving the best tapsilog in town for a very reasonable price (Php 70). I enjoyed the lean and tasty beef tapa which has a sweet distinct flavour. Add to that a refeshing bottle of Mountain Dew and you're all set.

Tapa at Rodic's Diner UP Diliman

After that scrumptious meal from Rodic's we had an affordable dessert for only Php 20 per scoop at  Fruits in Ice Cream (FIC) which is also located inside the Shopping Center. They offer a lot of yummy flavors to choose from: nangkasuy, avocado, mango, durian, queso, strawberry, caramelo and raspberry rapture.

Fruits in Ice Cream UP Diliman

Third stop, Mang Larry's Isawan. I guess you won't be considered a UP Alumni if you haven't tried eating at this famous food stall which grown by leaps and bounds. People from different places, even from other cities go to UP for a taste of this great treat. Mang Larry's has always been known to have super long queues for their isaw, a delectable street food. This barbeque stand has been known for ages and continues to be one of the campus’ favourites every late afternoon until evening. The isaw actually tasted real good and the sourness of the vinegar were mixed really well. The most popular ones are isaw manok (chicken intestines) and isaw baboy (pig intestines) both sold at Php 3 per piece and tainga (pig ears) at Php 6 per piece. They also serve goto, atay, botsi and balun-balunan for Php 6 and pork barbecue for Php 8.

Mang Larry's Isaw UP DilimanMang Larry's Isaw UP Diliman

Second to the last top was Restaurant of Choice (ROC) located at Ang Bahay ng Alumni. The place actually has a homey ambiance and one might actually forget that it's inside a school campus. I only ordered the ROC Burger because my tummy was already complaining during that time. ROC Burger has a quarter pounder beef patty, onion, lettuce, tomatoes, sesame bun and is served with a generous amount of french fries. At Php 158, this meal can definitely fill a hungry stomach.

ROC UP DilimanROC UP Diliman

The food walk ended at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe which is most known for its sinful desserts. The cafe has a quiet and cozy ambiance and is an ideal place for a simple dinner date. They offer a lot of cakes on the menu priced from Php 70 to Php 105 per slice but I acutally can't remember what we ordered. Looking at the pictures, the only cake that I could recognize is the Blueberry Cheesecake.

Chocolate Kiss UP DilimanChocolate Kiss UP Diliman

There are also other food stalls nearby that sells kwek kwek, fishballs, sweet corn, banana que, turon, karioka and other sweet treats that will definitely give your taste buds a reason to cheer.

Rodic's Diner UP DilimanRodic's Diner UP DilimanMang Larry's Isaw UP DilimanMang Larry's Isaw UP DilimanMang Larry's Isaw UP DilimanMang Larry's Isaw UP Diliman
ROC UP DilimanChocolate Kiss UP DilimanChocolate Kiss UP DilimanChocolate Kiss UP DilimanChocolate Kiss UP DilimanUP Diliman

Unfortunately our tummies were not designed to handle the non-stop ingestion of food and we had to give it a break. Nevertheless, it was an extraordinary food walk that I'd surely recommend for anyone to try.

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  1. Any food trip scores in my book. Hey, got to try all these outlets. Thanks for sharing!


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