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the world behind my wall

I'm a traveler, a backpacker, a fun climber, a travel planner, an eventologist, a camper, a party person, a food tripper and I'm just starting.

In 2007, I went to Puerto Galera for a short summer vacation with my friends. From that moment on, I knew what my passion was - traveling.

Later on, I found myself going with a group of travelers doing an all-white photoshoot in Cagabalete Island and already making plans for our future destinations. Since then, I've been traveling on and off, checking out seat sales and grabbing every opportunity to see the Philippines and the rest of the world.

I'm a flexible traveler. I can do budget travels, solo backpacking, flashpacking, roadtrips, food trips and a little bit of splurging. This is my passion and I intend to go on like this for many years. I've created this blog to share my experiences and give back to the world that has been so good to us. The World Behind My Wall is a blog that was inspired from the hit song "World Behind My Wall" by Tokio Hotel. The lyrics, specifically the chorus part, was the reason why I have chosen to name this blog after this beautifully arranged song.

Traveling is about self-discovery. It teaches you more about yourself and the amazing things that you can do just to get there. How far can you go? How long does it take? The curiosity can take you to places you never dreamed possible.

I've come to a realization that I want to accrue experiences rather than things. The world is big. It's much bigger than our minds can comprehend so join me as I continue to see this world behind my wall.


  1. great pics, ill use your blog as a guide =)

  2. Hello there, fellow blogger. Hope you could also visit the rock formations in my province. I've actually posted some pics of them at my blog. Baka sakali lang na magustuhan mong bisitahin ang Northern Samar :)

    Keep posting your stories about your travels. Looking forward for more posts about your adventures.

  3. Wow i like travelling and taking pictures also specially the different places here in the philippines. I would like to travel all the beautiful places and scenery here in pinas and im also a food lover hehe.I'm inspired in your blog and pictures. i would love to do also what you do,because life is too short thats why you do what makes you happy and the things that you enjoy the most!! Looking forward for more photos,videos and your blog!!Keep on blogging hehehe!! :-D

  4. I very much agree Vin, our treasures are not money in the bank or properties we own, real wealth are our experiences, family, friends, interest, dreams and how we give back to the world. ^^


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