Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mt. Samat: This Isn't Mountain Climbing

Shrine of Valor (Bataan)

Nope, this isn't mountain climbing. The 16th Hotair Balloon Fiesta(i'll make a seperate blog entry for this one) was the Bakasyonista's first out of town trip for 2011 so the planning was done as early as the start of year. We agreed to hire a van so we can easily manage our itinerary for our sidetrip which is Mt. Samat in Pilar, Bataan but unfortunately, the driver backed-out 6 hours before our scheduled meetup. Talk about stress. And so we agreed that we will just go on a bus to Clark and then later to Mt. Samat after meeting up at Ortigas. Ivy was on a cab and was on her way to meet us when the driver heard that we were looking for a van rental. Call it coincidence or maybe it's just our lucky day, the driver was willing to rent out his Innova for us! So off to Bataan we go and 3 hours later, we arrived at Pilar.

Mt. Samat

On top of the mountain lies the Shrine of Valor, a monument dedicated to all the Filipinos and American soldiers that lost their lives during the battle of Bataan in 1942. Learn how the Battle of Bataan shaped the local community following WWII with a degree in history. If you don't have a car, you may opt to walk the 7km stretch of road leading up to the shrine winding uphill if you are a bit of an adventurer or hire a tricycle that charges at least 100 per head. The road going to the shrine really woke up my senses. It was like going on a rollercoaster ride, only longer.

Our van going to Mt. Samat

Upon entering the museum, you'll feel amazed at the colonnade and its floor because it's not common to see these kinds of structures in the Philippines. In some way it has a resemblance with the ones that your normally see in the US.

Colonade at Shrine of Valor (Bataan)

The shrine also features a 92-meter high cross that has a viewing deck within its arms. It is connected to the colonnade by a zigzag road so you need to do some considerable climbing before you reach the foot of the cross. We were lucky because the service elevator was working that time or else we have to climb the 416-step staircase all the way up. There was a long queue of people wanting to go up so we waited for our turn to get accommodated.

View from the cross at Shrine of Valor (Bataan)

Viewing deck inside the cross at Shrine of Valor (Bataan)

The view from the top is just breathtaking and the mountain breeze is so relaxing. A perfect way to end the day tour.

Colonade at Shrine of Valor (Bataan) The 92-meter cross at Mt. Samat Viewing deck inside the cross at Shrine of Valor (Bataan) Viewing deck inside the cross at Shrine of Valor (Bataan) Viewing deck inside the cross at Shrine of Valor (Bataan) Viewing deck inside the cross at Shrine of Valor (Bataan) View from the cross at Shrine of Valor (Bataan)
Shrine of Valor (Bataan) Shrine of Valor (Bataan) Bakasyonista's at Shrine of Valor (Bataan) Bakasyonista's at Shrine of Valor (Bataan) Shrine of Valor (Bataan) Shrine of Valor (Bataan) Bakasyonista's at Shrine of Valor (Bataan)

Many thanks to Ms. Lily Biscocho for providing us the proper directions. I hope this place will be maintained by your department for future generations.


  1. vin, thanks also for posting this...we need comments like yours to help us gauge what areas we need to improve on...and rest assured that we will keep the place well-kept and well maintained not because of the income it can generate for the government but more so on the dissemination of the historical signifcance and importance of the place so the younger generation will be reminded that our "Freedom is not free. it has been paid for by the lives of our veterans". thanks and please keep coming back.. c",

    lily biscocho

  2. nice pictures you have here..i hope we can grab some and use them for our presentations here at the office.. c",

    lily biscocho

  3. no problem ms. lily. glad to help you out. thanks! :)

  4. hey Vin!

    planning to bring that car will make sure you can get home in your own desired time. but be ready because the road is unpaved. pero keri naman, i think.

    the locals are very accommodating. you can park in the town hall. mabait si kapitan!

    ~ start placing your watermark, good shots like yours are the thieves' targets! ;-)

  5. love the photos vin, especially the one behind the pillars. i agree. lagyan mo na ng watermarks! :)

  6. chyng & ed, thanks! sige lagyan ko na rin for promotion haha

  7. wow, tropation na pala, hehehe !!! :)


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