Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Camp Sabros: Fly Like Superman

zipline at Camp Sabros

Camp Sabros in Digos City was the first leg of the Bakasyonistas' Davao weekend tour. Coming from Davao City, we took almost all modes of transportation just to reach Digos City: a jeepney ride from My Hotel to Ecoland Bus Terninal, then a Cotabato bound bus to the New Digos City Terminal, then a trike to the Old Digos City Terminal, then a van to Sitio Barras Checkpoint and finally a horseback ride to Camp Sabros. That was one hellish trip that I'll never forget. Nevertheless, the rewarding sight of Mt. Apo on our way to the camp was more than enough to take all the stress that we had to endure just to get there.

tandem zip ride at Camp Sabros

First things first, I have acrophobia (fear of heights) and suffer from motion sickness so I didn't avail any of the rides that they offer. Yeah, poor me. Ivy, Mike, Roni and Gina were the brave ones who took the challenge so I ended up being their cameraman. Rubi was still sleepy that time while Ryan G. was still undecided but I didn't really bother whatever their reasons were as long as I have company. Haha

Camp Sabros

Home to the second longest zip line in the Philippines with a length of 820 meters, Camp Sabros is just 20 meters short from to Dahilayan Adventure Park's 840-meter zipline. They offer several zipline packages that ranges from Php150 to Php750 which is a combination of the 380, 400 and 820 meter ziplines, cable lift, horseback riding and treetop rappelling.

cable lift at Camp Sabros

On our way back to Sitio Barras, we just couldn't help but take pictures of Mt. Apo. Seeing the tallest mountain in the Philippines with a little cluster of clouds passing through right before your eyes was just a marvel to behold. And the fact that I climbed Mt. Pulag just less than 3 months ago before I had this trip made me appreciate mountains even more. Makes me wonder if I'll ever get to reach the peak of this beauty. Probably 2012? Maybe. Who knows?

view of Mt. Apo from Camp Sabros

view of Mt. Apo from Camp Sabros

Camp Sabros is not just for zipline fanatics. If you just happen to be in Davao and want to experience a walk with nature I'd definitely recommend this place. Even if I didn't get to experience the ziplines, I never felt any sort of regret going there even if we had to take that gruelling 2-hour ride just to get to the camp. Probably because I had a good time with the company of my friends and seeing them enjoy the ride was already worth the long journey. Oh, and the majestic view of Mt. Apo was an added bonus too.

Camp SabrosCamp Sabrosview of Mt. Apo from Camp Sabroscable lift at Camp SabrosCamp Sabros
view of Mt. Apo from Camp SabrosCamp SabrosCamp Sabros ziplineCamp SabrosCamp Sabros

How to get there:
From Davao City: Take a cab or jeepney ride to Ecoland Bus Terninal. From there take a Cotabato bound bus to the New Digos City Terminal and then a trike to the Old Digos City Terminal. Ride a van to Sitio Barras Checkpoint where you can choose to either take horseback ride or walk 700 meters all the way to Camp Sabros.

Camp Sabros official sites


  1. Mt.Apo looks stunning. I've also been to Davao but I wasn't able to go to Camp Sabros. I tried Dahilayan Adventure Park though. Looks like the long ride to reach this place was really worth it!

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  3. it's quite scary to try this one if you had fear of heights...

  4. You might want to try the deal with www.pakyaw.com.ph. Today they have MT. PULAG fopr only P2,698. That's round trip transportation to Baguio, 4 meals, park fees, camping gears and CD of photo documentation. It's 46% off so you guys might wanna check that site.


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