Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baguio: It's Never Too Late To Be A Kid Again

lagoon at burnham park

Most of my friends were actually surprised when I told them that I've never been to Baguio. Probably because I choose to visit places that are less frequented by travelers that's why it never made it on the top of my list. Nevertheless, Baguio has a lot of interesting places to go to and my 2 day vacation at the city made feel like a child again.

mansion in baguio

Forgive me if some of my photos were overkilled in terms of contrast and colours. During these times, I was still amazed at playing with colours in Photoshop that's why most of my Baguio pictures are either too bright or too vivid. Now, moving on..

lagoon at burnham park

It took me 27 years before I got the chance to step into the Philippines' summer capital. Good thing my friend Ivy haven't been to Baguio either so I won't be the only one who gets too see the place for the first time. It has always been a favourite destination of tourists and travelers especially during summer because of its year-round cool climate. The moment I stepped out of the van, I was greeted by its refreshingly cool weather and beautiful pine-tree rain forests. It was the peak of the El Nino phenomenon back then so the cool breeze was very welcoming for me.

forest in baguio

double rainbows in baguio

One’s visit in Baguio cannot be complete without visiting Burnham Park, the most popular destination located right at the heart of the city. I wasn't expecting much when we went to the park but it turned out to be great. I could still recall a lot of interesting things that we did at this place. We took a boat ride at the lagoon, visited the orchidarium and rose garden and just strolled around the park like kids on their field trip.

burnham park

Another interesting place that we visited was Mines View, a park located on top of a mountain where one can have a scenic view of the mountainside. This is where you can a have a picture taken with a giant Saint Bernard named Doglas or you can choose to wear a native Igorot costume for such a small fee. This is also the best place to horseback-riding or if simply want to shop, you can checkout the several Igorot products and goods. If you're looking for the best pasalubong then I'd highly recommend the Good Shepherd Convent and checkout their ube jam or purple yam. The nuns make and sell different kinds of delicacies which are very popular among tourists and visitors in Baguio.

horseback riding in baguiocathedral in baguioplaying around in baguio

Aside from the cold weather and the interesting sights, another reason why I loved Baguio is the remarkably good food that they offer. One notable place is the 50's Diner located at Gen. Luna Road. They serve burgers, fries and shakes all in American 50’s style. What I loved about this restaurant is their huge servings and the combination of their variants especially the She package: chicken, porkchop, minute steak, hotdog, french fries and a scoop of ice cream all for Php 175.

There's still a lot activities to do in Baguio but it all depends on how you want to enjoy your stay. Whether you like food tripping, shopping or simply enjoying the cool breeze of the city, you will surely have a great time there.

jumpshot in baguio

My trip to Baguio made me realize that it's never too late to be a child again. It just takes a little effort to rekindle that innocence but it's still there. And it doesn't matter if you're 20, 30 or even 50 as there is so much to see and do and you will surely make a lot of memories to last a lifetime.


  1. ang tgal ko ng di ulit nkapunta ng baguio at ang ggnda ng mga kuha... lalo na yun sa rainbow part

  2. I think why Baguio is related to childhood is because most of us during childhood or most Pinoy families get a first taste of travel with Baguio as destination because of its popularity and proximity to the city. It has been quite a long time since my first trip there. I hope to visit Baguio before the year ends... maramdam man lang ang lamig! =)

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