Friday, June 29, 2012

HeadWare: More Than Just a Headwear


I always wear a shemagh whenever I'm on a trip and I use it for a number of reasons. It keeps me from getting sunburns especially on my nape which I think now is 5 tones darker than my skin colour since I started traveling. Vanity-wise it also adds a sense of fashion because it complements most of the clothes that I wear.


Then came HeadWare, an all-purpose head accessory that has now become the new essential for travelers and people on the go. The first time I saw this headwear, my first reaction was "err, it's just a piece of cloth". But I was surprised to know that it was more than just a cloth upon reading the instructions on the package. According to their website, this accessory has as many uses as your imagination can come up with and they currently have about 20!


The first time I tried the HeadWare, it felt like I was touching a very fine piece of cloth. It's because it is made of high quality fabric that is stretchable so it can be used for a variety of purposes. I actually made it as a good replacement for my scarf and so far I am loving it. I also use it as a sleeping mask whenever I am on the plane or on the bus to cover my eyes so I can get a good sleep while I'm on the road or in the air. And I don't needo t worry about suffocating because it's breathable so air easily passes on the fabric.


It also adds a little bit of style when I use it as an armband or a headband and the good thing about it is that it goes well with almost any type of clothes that I wear when traveling. My good friend Earl of Byaherong Baboy also gave it a try when we were at Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas and he loved it! And being the far more vain traveler than I am, he finds the HeadWare to be a good travel accessory.

I sometimes bring my HeadWare to the office as a replacement for my scarf to cover up my neck and use it as a warmer. You see, the airconditioning in the office is not quite set right, where it's so cold you're forced to wear winter clothes and accessories just to survive your 9 hour shift. And this is where I find this accessory very handy. When it's very cold, I just slip it up to my neck and when the temperature goes up I just wrap it in my arm and wear it as an armband. Voila, an instant arm accessory!

HeadWare is definitely one of the travel essentials that I'd recommend for you to have. And because it has so many purposes, this piece of cloth is more than just a headwear.

If you want to know the other things that you could do with your HeadWare, do watch the instructional video above starring Rovilson Fernandez.


I also got to try their visor which I found to be very useful especially on my beach trips. Unlike the usual sunvisors, HeadWare has a flexible Neoprene visor that is easy to slip on the bag so doesn't easily deform. I liked the lengthy cloth attached to it because it also serves as a protection to my hair and my overly sensitive nape as well.

headware visor

I believe this is also a good accessory for the ladies especially if they want to protect their hair from the heat of the sun so girls, you better check this one out.

So do you want to have your own HeadWare? Here's some good news for you. You can win a free HeadWare by simply joining their Facebook campaign.

headware promo

Here's how to join:

1. Like the Headware Fan Page.
2. Post “Headware keeps my head happy!” as your status message then tag the Headware Page and 5 of your friends in order to qualify. The post should be visible on the your wall and Headware Page’s wall.

And once they reach the significant numbers, one winner will receive 4 products (3,000 mark) and 5 products (5,000 mark). Everyone who entered before they reached the 1,000 mark are eligible so there's no need to re-enter. One entry per person only.

This is their way of saying  thank you for helping them reach 1,000 likes so let's help them reach for 3,000 and 5,000 together!


  1. Thank you for the nice review Vin. Here's to more adventures!

  2. Thanks for share and nice blog.

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  4. I usually wear a shemagh whenever I am out in the woods during windy weather. It helps keep the flying leaves, sand and other elements off my face. Well, I haven’t tried a headwear, but I will certainly buy one. If you are fond of shemagh, check more info here:

  5. I usually wear a shemagh too. Thank for info!


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